General FAQ

Que: How long after loading a pitch will journalists be able to see it in their swipe feed?
Ans:     Pitches will be live for journalists to consider, in real time,immediately after you’ve uploaded it.
Que: How will I know if a journalist is interested in my pitch?
Ans:     If a journalist is interested in your story idea, you will receive a push notification from UPitch that reads, "Congrats! A new journalist is interested in your pitch." You will then be able to IM that journalist directly though the app.
Que: Can I renew a pitch once it has expired?
Ans:     Yes, although we strongly recommend rewriting a new pitch if the original version didn’t gain interest from any journalists. You may want to consider reworking a new angle. If we see someone abusing this and reusing the same pitch multiple times, we reserve the right to delete the pitch and warn the user before blocking him/her.
Que: Can I edit a pitch once it has been uploaded?
Ans:     Yes, you can edit live pitches at anytime.
Que: Can I remove a pitch once it has been uploaded?
Ans:     Yes, you can delete a pitch at anytime.
Que: Can I unmatch with someone?
Ans:     Yes, simply hit "End Chat" in the chat box.
Que: Will someone I match with be able to see my personal contact information?
Ans:     No, your information is private.
Que: Will my matches/chats remain open even after the pitch expires?
Ans:     Matches and chats will remain open until one of the parties has closed it, even after the pitch has expired.
Que: Is it safe to give out personal contact information?
Ans:     Giving out personal information is up to the discretion of the user. We recommend using the in-app chat feature as much as possible.
Que: Is there a way to go back if I accidently swiped left on a pitch I am interested in?
Ans:     Yes. Simply hit the undo button directly next to the X.
Que: How long does it take to be approved for a PR Professional upgrade?
Ans:     If approved, the upgrade can take anywhere between 24-48 hours. The upgrade is for PR professionals from large companies, or PR firms only.
Que: What payment methods are accepted for the Hire UPitch to Write a Professionally Written Pitch option?
Ans:     Accepted payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Paypal.
Que: How do I report a spam or bot user?
Ans:     There is a Report Abuse button in the profile section.
Que: If I set my pitch to a local area, do I physically need to be in that geographical area?
Ans:     No. You do not have to be in the geographical area your pitch is set to, but the story you are pitching should be relevant to that geographical region.
Que: What can I do if my pitch is not getting journalist matches?
Ans:     We would recommend retooling to pitch in a way that might be more compelling and newsworthy to journalists. This can include making your pitch more detailed, more to the point, using different pictures, or writing a different pitch headline. We also recommend trying the “Hire a Publicist” feature, which will allow you to have a professionally written pitch done for you.
Que: Is there a keyword search option?
Ans:     There is no keyword search option at this time; just media categories. But it is currently in development along with other exciting features.
Que: How do I change my password?
Ans:     Filter/setting>account settings>choose new passwords.
Que: How do I turn off notifications?
Ans:     You can turn off notifications in the filters/settings tab.
Que: How do I change my email address?
Ans:     Filter/setting>account settings>choose new email address.
Que: Who should be pitching to journalists on UPitch?
Ans:     Anyone who feels they have a newsworthy or interesting story to share can use UPitch to pitch their story to journalists. Examples might include: an upcoming event, a new product launch, a story with human interest value, a news tip, an important announcement, a press release or official statement and the like.
Que: What types of media outlets does UPitch want to participate in viewing pitches?
Ans:     We welcome journalists and media outlets from all media categories or "beats" who are looking for stories to cover. Broadcast, print, online/digital, bloggers and social media personalities are all encouraged to look for stories on UPitch.
Que: How many filters can I search through at a time?
Ans:     Journalists can search as many filters as they choose.
Que: Am I able to sign up for UPitch without the app?
Ans:     Yes. You are able to signup through the website at
Que: Is there another way to upload a pitch if I don’t have the app?
Ans:     We understand that typing out your pitch on a smartphone or tablet can be a hassle for some. That’s why we also developed a website that you can use to upload your pitches. Please visit www…….com
Que: If I submit my pitch on the website version of UPitch, will it be available to all journalists on the app?
Ans:     Yes. Regardless of what platform you use to upload your pitch, all journalists will be able to see it.
Que: How do I know what pictures to use for a pitch?
Ans:     Choose appropriate pictures that will best help in telling your story. A picture can be worth a thousand words so it is important use pictures that, both, pertain to your story, and are visually and emotionally compelling to the viewer.
Que: How do I know what to write in my pitch?
Ans:     Our format of a headline, summary and a 400 character body guides you towards making your pitch concise, to the point and filled with only the most relevant facts(essentially an elevator pitch). Find a creative and impactful way of getting your point across within this format. If a journalist has initial interest, they will swipe right and ask to learn more.

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